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The Comeback GIF

Never in my thirteen years of frame by frame artistry and pixel dancing would I ever think that something so annoying as the almighty compressed GIF, would be – dare I say it – beautiful. From the birth of the flashing “NEW” symbol to rainbow colored flashing stars, to even those amazingly ugly “under construction” symbols that were to anticipate something amazing was about to go live –  the GIF in its present state has been reborn.

As technology races, it only makes sense that whatever falls in its way, changes with it. With lower platform support Flash is getting these days and the increase of mobile maniacs, it makes sense that new ways of animating for cross platform splendor evolve too. But an animated GIF? Yep. Turns out the GIF is actually gifted.

As various software packages communicate with each other, and knowing what they deliver is essentially part of a bigger family with shared blood – digital artists have found amazing ways to recapture frame by frame animation in a way never thought possible, considering bandwidth issues of the past. The internet has more muscle, more power, more experience in fueling motion art. The GIF knows it and finally has a second chance to prove what it can do – when the web and its pixels play nice together. Joy (flashing).



My animated concept for iOS7

My “Animating iOS7″  concept. See more on my Dribbble page.

I’m Published. Sweet.

My Stung Media logo/ letterhead has been published for “stationery design” in the book Mastering Type: The Essential Guide to Typography for Print and Web Design. Pretty excited – just got my copy today! Pick up the book and check out page 48! GET THE BOOK

Simplicity + Facebook

It’s simple – it’s Facebook. But it’s dated – the log in screen that is. I set out on a creative exercise and asked myself “how can this be even more simple?” How could it also integrate better with its app aesthetic? I understand the notion of their aesthetic is not over rendered and muted – but it’s dated. How can this look current, simple and cohesive? The result is below.

Home Page – Fields would be “active” one at a time.

More Info – Everything is hidden underneath and slides over, just like the mobile app.

Opposites Attract

I love vintage. I’m obsessed with how much character it embodies. I also love playing with the marriage of a serif and sans serif font, and watching how they harmonize. It’s beautiful. I see more and more of my work slowly being influenced by it. Here are some “mocks” of that influence. 

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